[Tutorial] Burning Bootloader

How to Burn ROBOSTEP Bootloader

ROBOSTEP bootloader is designed to Arduino board using playbotix Studio software (Download here) offering 2 ways for uploading the program there are,

  1. General uploading via serial port
  2. Stand-by mode (waiting for uploading the program)
Stand-by mode can apply for uploading via Bluetooth or wireless by waiting data from the computer. The way to use this mode is to press and hold reset button and then press and hold D10 button. After that release reset button, LED D13 will be ON that means it is ready to receive the program.

Device List

  1. Arduino board, for example, Arduino UNO, Arduino NANO 328, or any Arduino boards with ATmega328P chip
  2. USBasp programmer 
  3. 10-to-6 pin ISP adapter (ISP to ICSP)

Step 1 : Connect USBasp to computer.

Step 2 : Go to Device Manager and install USBasp driver (Download here). If your PC is Windows 8 or Windows 10, please read How to Disable Driver Signature Verification.

Step 3 : Extract and enter to AVRDUDESS software (Download here).

Step 4 : Select Programmer to USBasp, Port to  usb, Baud rate to 115200, and click Detect at static box MCU. And then the text in command line will be "Detected XXXXXX = ATmega328P".

Step 5 : Set Fuses _lock bitts L to 0xFF, H to 0xDE, E to 0xFD or 0x05, and click Write button. And then the text in command line will be end with "avrdude.exe done. Thank you.".

Step 6 : Click “…” button in static box Flash to select file ROBOSTEP bootloader (Download here).

Step 7: In Options, check box at Force (-F) and Erase Flash and EEPROM (-e), and click Program!, and then the in command line will be end with "avrdude.exe done. Thank you.".

Burning ROBOSTEP bootloader is done. Enjoy coding with playbotix Studio !!!

Kasidit Ch.
12/5/18, 8:59 PM