[Tutorial] Running code by Arduino IDE

How to compile playbotix code in Arduino IDE

playbotix ROBOSTEP which is based on Arduino UNO can program and upload via Arduino IDE.

This tutorial uses Arduino IDE 1.8.12 (Download here) and playbotix Studio 0.2-b3-5 (Download here).

Step 1 : In playbotix Studio, click on “Upload to Machine” button to compile and upload a diagram.

If you don’t want to upload the code to the robot, go to “Settings” (F8) and make checked on “Compiling Only” checkbox.

Step 2 : After “Compiling completed” (or “Uploading completed”), “View Code” button and “Library Folder” button will occur. And then, click on “Library Folder” button.

Step 3 : In Windows Explorer, click “Up to” to go to the parent folder “ROBOT” and copy “ROBOT” folder to the “libraries” folder in Arduino IDE.

Step 4 : Go back to playbotix Studio, click on “View Code” button, the source code will occur.

Step 5 : Copy all text and paste on Arduino IDE.

Don’t forget to choose “Board” to “Arduio UNO” and select the right COM port

We’re ready to compile and upload playbotix code to ROBOSTEP via Arduino IDE.

Kasidit Ch.
2/4/19, 2:02 AM